Chillin with Mindi (brief breather before our next chase)!


Yours truly enjoying the last of the Fall colors from my favorite perch.

Yup, today is my birthday and I’m three-years-old! Just as beautiful as ever even if I do say so myself! No special celebration plans, just chillin with my folks and sister.      Sizi

McJagger sidelined


McJagger full-fur side!


McJagger’s shaved leg with scars.

It will be some time before McJagger again moves like his namesake. In fact, although he still is very upbeat with a rockin song, he will not be out on tour for quite some time. When McJagger arrived at SCAR it was obvious that he was in physical distress. It turns out that there was a break, which involved growth plates, near a joint in his right rear leg . McJagger, less than a year old and otherwise healthy, was a good candidate for surgery. The surgery was successfully performed and McJagger is now on the mend. We don’t know how McJagger’s leg was broken but it seems extremely unlikely that it was from his own doings. As you know, SCAR, an all volunteer organization, operates solely on donations. It’s not unusual that in special instances like McJaggers donations are made to help offset the costs of surgery. If you are so moved a donation in McJaggers name would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you!             Sizi & Mindi

Shelter Mews

The shelter - summer time.

The shelter – summer time.

Access to the Fall 2014 issue of SCAR’s Shelter Mews is now available from the home-page of my blog. As always, this issue contains many pictures and much information including how you can help support the shelter.

It is with great sadness that we remember Tony Ilacqua in this issue.

There is a wonderful story that exposes our (feline) reasons for needing hiding places.

Speaking of support, we still have a pressing need of volunteer help especially during morning cleaning hours. If you can possibly answer this meow, please contact Jackie at 603-259-3244 so we can welcome you into our family of volunteers.     Sizi & Mindi

Treasure Hunt

The shelter - summer time.

This is where it’s happening!

Come one, come all! We’ve got it and you need it! Something for everyone. Join us for our Leafpeeper Yard Sale happening Saturday Sept 2oth at 1517 Meadow St, Littleton NH (SCARs’ parking lot) starting at 9:00 am. Remember, 100% of all proceeds go directly to the care of our furry feline friends at the shelter. The forecast is calling for a beautiful early Fall day so please stop by. Thank you!     Sizi


Major Tom Cat

Major Tom Cat

Hey there, this is Maj. Tom Cat coming to you direct from the cat litter testing grounds in south-western USA. I gotta tell ya that some of the latest recruits sure are unruly when they arrive here but it doesn’t take long before I’ve got then digging something other than themselves, if you know what I mean! By the end of the day they’re all ready for a fresh bowl of chow, a bath, and then it’s off to find a comfy spot to curl up for the night. No TV, no social-media, no out carousing the streets. And they call me a pussy-cat! Well enough of that. Aunt Jackie got in touch with me to say that she needed some help rousing-up some new recruits (she called them volunteers) to help at SCAR in Littleton. I offered some of my recruits but she declined saying that she had plenty of us cats what she really needs is human volunteers. So here’s the scoop. SCAR needs humans who can volunteer time during the morning hours of 9:00 till 11:00 or thereabouts. How ever many days, whichever days you can help – if it’s one or more days per week, per month whatever you can give. The main morning duties revolve around getting each individual kennel and the common areas refreshed. Okay so what that means is the kennels, litter boxes, and floors are cleaned sparkly-clean. When you join up you will receive the necessary guidance to get you going. The shelter, and cats residing there, sure would appreciate your help. Please give Aunt Jackie a call at 603-259-3244 to discuss when you can help. Thank you!         Tom

There’s friendly….



and then there’s Gilligan (or as he likes to be called, Gilly)! Malnourished Gilly was found in a culvert at the Moore Dam, in Littleton, NH. Unfortunately folks seem to believe it’s okay to abandon their unwanted cats at this dam area. Well a loving person (The Skipper?) rescued Gilly and he has since been recovering nicely at SCAR and soon he should be available for adoption. Now I’ve got to warn you! In my opinion this guy takes first prize for most friendly cat to-date at SCAR! He is such a loving guy and is going to make someone a very good companion. Oh, did I mention that Gilly is also very very handsome? I wanted to get a full-body picture to share with you but its’ hard to get Gilly out of cuddle mode!     Sizi

Visiting neighbors

"Nobody home Dad."

“Nobody home Dad.”

We have had many different birds nesting here this year. The other day I decide to drop-in on one family but there was no one home. Dad explained to me that the new-born chicks had grown up and left home and further since they were gone the parents had moved also. Huh? I don’t get it. Why would you leave a beautiful home in a great neighborhood? I wonder if they may get homesick and return.        Sizi