Cleo – our newest PawPal!

Please welcome Cleo to our litter of PawPals!       Sizi



Hi!  My name is Cleo and I live with my best friend Sandy and my Mom.  Sandy is a funny looking cat (Mom also calls her “that dog” for some reason), but she watches out for me and lets me know if there is anything moving outside the window.  I was lucky to find my Mom.  A long time ago I was just a little bigger than a kitten and for some reason I was dropped off at some nice people’s house.  They gave me some food once in a while but not enough and they couldn’t let me inside as the house looked pretty full of cats already.  I did what I could to survive by hunting and stopping by other houses on the street, but not too many people were friendly.  Then one day a nice young girl was visiting one of the houses and her and I had a long talk.  I told her I would make a very nice pet and just needed a chance.  She brought me to her aunt’s house, now my Mom, and it was love at first sight.  It was perfect timing too, as that night I gave birth to two cute kittens.  Boy, was Mom surprised at that present!  Now it’s many years later and we’re a happy family.  Mom talks about Second Chance all the time and all the other kitties they help.

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Fast approaching

goodmday 001

Humans have a wonderful tradition of remembering their Moms on a special day set aside as Mother’s Day. This year it will be celebrated on May 11 which is just around the corner. Soon everyone will be looking for a special gift for their Mom. If felines celebrated this day I know my feline Mom would be really happy if I gave her some catnip. I guess the decision for humans can be a little harder when trying to find a very special gift. This year SCAR has a wonderful way for you to show your Mom just how much you care for her and for animals. SCAR gave me a very nice poster, which I have included in this post, that will tell you all about this special gift! Or if you prefer check it out on SCAR’s Web Site             Sizi

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In full swing

Bella with her family.

Bella and babies.

Honey with her family.

Honey and babies.

Unfortunately what seemed to start slowly has now become a very busy kitten season. Fortunately SCAR has been able to help. Up until last week the kitten season count for the shelter was one Mom with her four kittens. Since then two more Moms, each with five kittens, have been rescued. As I posted recently, since opening in Nov 2010, SCAR has spay/neutered 1000 pets. We are helping, but it’s obvious that education efforts and low-cost spay/neuter clinics are still very much in need. If your pets have not been spay/neutered please consider having it done. Thank you!       Sizi




Second Chance loves to receive updates from rescued kitties who are now in their forever homes. Here is a recent update from Toffee!      Sizi

Just a quick message about Toffee.
I love my new little kitty so much! She is just the sweetest. She is eating fine. Still scared of unfamiliar noises, but she comes running when I call her. She loves to be patted and rubbed!! Very friendly. She has a little bitty cry. I got up this morning and the rug in the hallway outside my bedroom was all twisted up and the rug in the bathroom looked like it had lost the battle!! So cute!! She really hasn’t taken to being picked up, but this morning she actually climbed on top of me while I was in bed and laid down for me to pat her. This is a big step toward wanting to be in the lap, I think. Just so pleased with my new friend. Here’s a pic which was taken last night.
Thank you for all you do there.  I think Toffee misses all her kitty playmates, but she really likes my house too.  I ordered her a cat tower to climb on.  I’m going to put it right in front of the slider, since she loves being there watching the birds on my feeders and the squirrels too.  ha ha.
Hey Toffee, would you like to be a PawPal? How about all of you reading this post?        Sizi

Milo and Levi (NH,USA)

Milo and Levi

Milo and Levi

Presenting Milo and Levi, our newest PawPals! Welcome! Here is their furography.    Sizi

Oh hi, didn’t hear you coming up on us. Guess you caught us being nice. Usually Mom catches us wrestling and knocking stuff all over the place. My name’s Levi, and this grey guy next to me is my brother Milo. He’s shy so I’ll do all the talking. I’m relatively new here, but Milo’s been here about a year – I like this place, enough cats to play with but not too many that I don’t get my own space and the humans know how to give good scratches. Milo and I came from a place called SCAR. Someone found us and our sister under a porch when we were little and took us to the shelter. We grew up there but were really shy, so people overlooked us. When I was about 2 I went to a home with my sister, but things didn’t work out. After my sister went back to the shelter I got really rambunctious and ate a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t have. I was scared, it hurt and I had to have surgery. I ended up back at SCAR but my brother was already gone. Luckily his humans come by the shelter often and found out I was back. So now I get to live with my brother. Mom and Dad keep saying they’re surprised I adapted so quickly – Milo hid under the bed and in the bedroom closet for awhile after he arrived, and he’s still really shy unless there’s treats. He loves treats, but I’m not so sure. I prefer wet food and belly rubs. Mom says I think I’m a dog, but I don’t know what that means.

Great furography! I’m so happy to have Milo and Levi join us. Purrrr! We would love to have you join us too! Meet all of us at PawPals.          Sizi


"I need some excitement in my life - become a PawPal!"    Sizi

“I need some excitement in my life – please become a PawPal!” Sizi

This is an invitation from me to you to become a PawPal! What is a PawPal? It’s a gathering of four-legged furry friends who share a little about themselves including a picture and you, yes you, are just one short step away from joining us! So feline, canine, please join us by sending your picture and furography (your folks may know this as a bio) to me at and I’ll take it from there! I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Visit those who have already joined us by using this link: PawPals   See you soon!          Sizi

Special Spay/Neuter Clinic Held

Wells River

Supporters from Wells River Savings Bank VT


Supporters from Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank NH

Since the closing of the Twin State Humane Society in Pike NH two years ago, the number of unwanted and desperate animals in the Haverhill-Woodsville NH and Wells River VT area has become alarming. SCAR, already stretched by other area animal facility closings, has helped as much as its facility and resources have allowed. As more unimaginable situations came to light, friends Jackie Allison (SCAR) and Brenda Highland (Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank), former banking colleagues and longtime animal advocates, decided that it was time to take additional action.  Although SCAR runs monthly low-cost spay/neuter clinics, Jackie and Brenda decided that a special spay/neuter day set aside, and promoted, for that area would be a step toward preventing additional animals in distress. Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank NH and Wells River Savings Bank VT stepped up to help promote and support this special spay/neuter day. On March 17, 2014 SCAR ran this special clinic and handled forty-six (46) animals. Thank you to all who helped promote and support this caring service!        Sizi


All this requires is a little concentration!

All this requires is a little concentration!

As you know I love playing board games (especially Monopoly) with my family but it seems that they don’t always have time for it. The other day when I was in the shelf where our games are I discovered a cool game that I could play by myself. Dad later told me it’s a game known as “I.Q. Tester”. I didn’t have any trouble removing the pieces so I guess that indicates I have a great I.Q. (whatever that is).       Mindi




Jones, one of the newest arrivals at SCAR, has quite a story of his own. It seems that he sought comfort from the elements by taking up residence under a mobile home. To his way of thinking he would be able to come and go as he pleased. What he didn’t plan on was the owner “winterizing” her mobile home with a “skirt”. For those who may not be familiar with a skirt, it involves closing-in the underside of the mobile home. Well, when the skirt was complete it seems that Jones no longer had to worry about the elements however he was trapped under the home with no way to get out. Of course that meant no food or water and once he realized this he began his verbal plea. The owner of the home could hear the plea for help but she could not determine where it was coming from. After days she finally realized where the plea was coming from and Jones was rescued. He is very thin and extremely hoarse but even with all that he has been through he’s a very lovable guy and is on his way to recovery.              Sizi