Spring Break





Three years ago a naive young feline leaped into the world of blogs when she launched “Sizi Says”! Since then “Yours Truly” has shared stories from her life, news from SCAR, and more recently stories with her sister Mindi. Mindi and I appreciate the following we have enjoyed from friends both old and new.

We have become extremely busy in our home as we prepare for what will eventually be a relocation. We have decided that at this time it is best for us to suspend our blog indefinitely. Best wishes to all!         Sizi and Mindi


It’s been a long winter

"I'll swap the Sports for the Comics. I want to see what Garfield is up to."

“I’ll swap the Sports for the Comics. I want to see what Garfield is up to.”

"I've listened to just about enough of Dad's music."

“I’ve listened to just about enough of Dad’s music.”

"Maybe if I read this it will hurry Summer along."

“A girl can dream, can’t she.”

Picnic anyone?

“Picnic anyone?”

"Hey Siz, there's hope. The Cedar Waxwings are back."

“Hey Siz, there’s hope. The Cedar Waxwings are back.”

"Can't wait to play marbles in the grass."

“I like this one. You better start practicing Mindi if you don’t want me to win your favorites.”



Helping with this post.

Me helping with this post.

Most days our folks take a morning walk. Depending on the weather it may or may not take them a long time to get ready. Sizi and I like to help by hiding under, and in, clothing that they are trying to put on. Shoelaces are fun too! Once ready they open the inner door to the mud room and I bolt through to the outer door hoping that this might be the time that they take me along. In the mud room they get “cookies” for the dogs that greet them along their walk. Then they pick me up, put me back in the inner entryway, and say “We’ll be right back Girls!”. Sure enough, after awhile they reappear. I’ve always wondered about those “cookies” especially since I’ve been told they are treats but that they aren’t for kitties. Well anyway recently when they had the bag open I decided to see what a dog “cookie” was. I’ll stick to my tiny flavorful kitty treats thank you!          Mindi



Maybe I can snag one.

Maybe I can snag one.

A little big.

I’m not so sure it was worth the effort.

February is……..

among other things, the shortest month of the calendar year, the month when the Ground Hog risks coming out to check the weather, quite cold and snowy here in northern New England USA, and for us at cat rescue shelters, the start of the season known as “kitten season”. Very important to us, the month of February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. During February many organizations offer reduced-cost Spay/Neuter Clinics. If you haven’t already, won’t you please consider having your pets spay/neutered. The month of February is recognized internationally as Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. This year Tuesday, February 24, 2015 has been set aside as World Spay Day. If you would like to learn more one site you can visit is http://www.worldspayday.org/howtoparticipate/international/.          Sizi

Dont LitterB

Project helpers

"I want to help." "No, I'm going to help."

“I want to help!” “No, I’m going to help!”

"What? But I always help. I'm the oldest."

“What? But I always help. I’ve got experience.”

"Next time."


"Oh well, I'll just catch up on the Soaps."

“Oh well, I’ll just catch up on the Soaps.”

"I want to read the instructions too."

“I should read the instructions too.”

"I think we need to do something here."

“Do we need to do something here?”

"Can I help with the electrical too?"

“Can I help with this part too? I’d like to add electrician and plumber on my resume.”

Mother’s Little Helper

If you’ve visited SCAR you no doubt have seen cozy deep-fleece hammocks in some of the kennels. These hammocks, which are especially popular with the younger kittens, are lovingly made by Aunt Marti. Aunt Marti, one of our long-time volunteers, can be found most mornings cheerfully tending to morning duties in the solarium. Recently she shared the following email and pictures with SCAR.          Sizi

I decided to make a new kitty hammock today. I wanted to try to make one a little longer so it could be used in a middle cage. I started by making another pattern. Meggie was right there to help at every step. She helped by knitting the fabric to prepare it for stitching, then once the hammock was finished, she checked it out to be sure it was suitable for use at the shelter. She is my Quality Control expert.    Marti


Meggie – “Knitting is the best part!”


Meggie – “Very nice – passes all quality checks!”

Earlier this week Aunt Marti brought hammocks, including the one pictured above, to the shelter and set them up in two kennels with very young kittens. My folks took the following pictures less than an hour after the hammocks were in place. All of the kitties pictured are quite young but it didn’t take very long for them to figure out how to climb into the hammocks for some cozy comfort!          Sizi


Kennel #1. Within a half hour this little guy was in and waiting for his kennel-mates.


Kennel #2. It took about an hour for these five to all climb in.







No this is not an insight to a great fishing-hole for all of you anglers! Trout is a six-month-old kitty recovering from surgery at SCAR. Somehow Trout found himself at a construction site with a broken left shoulder and elbow fractures. Workers there brought him to SCAR to see if the shelter could help him. Thanks to an extremely generous donation, Trout received his needed surgery and is recovering very nicely. As you can see he is a beautiful boy and I can tell you that he has a very sweet personality. Trout has already been spoken for and will go to his forever home sometime in January after he has had the pins removed and is fully recovered. And talk about coincidental, the family adopting him is active in “Trout Unlimited”!            Sizi



Christmas 2014

We wish all of you the very best in this coming new year and hope that you had as wonderful a Christmas day as we did with our family. Let us all continue to embrace the peace, joy, and promise of Christmas. Here are a few pictures from our Christmas Day!     Sizi and Mindi

"Can we start now?"

“Can we start now?”

"Please? I can't wait much longer."

“Please? I can’t wait much longer.”

"Can't get a hold on it." "Me either."

“Dive in!”

"Are you stuck Siz?"

“Are you stuck Siz?”

"Here I'll help."

“Here I’ll help.”

"Two layers of wrapping  paper. Drives me nuts."

“Two layers of wrapping paper. Drives me nuts.”



"What's wrapped in here?'

“What’s wrapped in here?’

"I haven't seen a box I don't like but I have to admit this one is kinda small!"

“I haven’t seen a box yet that I don’t like but I have to admit this one is kinda small!”

"When's dinner?"

“When’s dinner?”

Shelter Mews Winter 2014

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Second Chance Animal Rescue

For those who have not yet had an opportunity to enjoy the Winter 2014 issue of SCAR’s Shelter Mews it is now available on my main page. There are stories from forever homes, interesting insights from Homer, many beautiful pictures of kitties, and suggestions of ways you that you can support the shelter. We realize this is a hectic time of year but you deserve a break so take a few minutes and checkout Shelter Mews – you’ll be glad that you did!            Sizi & Mindi

Early winter doldrums

Well here in northern New England winter has begun to set in and along with it our daily outdoor time has pretty much come to an end. I especially don’t care for the snow/cold/wind combination and haven’t gone out for some days now but Mindi, being a little more hardy (younger and more foolish!), has been going out on occasion. However today may have been her last day until spring (or maybe until the January thaw). She begged to go out so Dad put her harness on and out they went. Straight down to the bird feeders and straight back to the warmth of our home! It was 14 degrees F with snow and wind. It will be a long winter without our outdoor time and we are already experiencing a touch of cabin-fever. Mom gave us some new toys this morning and that helped for a little while. Can’t wait for warmer sunny weather!         Sizi


“Playing in these boxes gets boring after awhile Sizi.”


“You’re right Mindi. I’m going to try this chair for awhile.”


“Fetch anyone?”


“Oh I love new catnip toys!”


“Someone new to wrestle with!”